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Grand Havana

About Grand Havana

In 2015 with the allure, essence and nostalgia of old Havana, Cuba, we created Grand Havana Coffee. Growing up in Miami with the Cuban culture and our love of the perfect cup of Cuban espresso kept us FUELED BY our passion for Cuban coffee. We set out on a mission to blend the perfect espresso. With our master blender, Luis Bustelo, the original master roaster, we created our premium Cuban Style Optimum Blend Espresso combining Arabica & Robusta beans carefully selected from around the globe.

Our special roasting process extracts the acidity from the beans to make it a separate aroma & full body flavor resulting in a supremely delicious smooth finish. The ultimate expression of what the perfect cup of Cuban coffee should be.

Our goal is to fuel all of Miami & the world with the perfect cup of Grand Havana Cuban Style Espresso Coffee.

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